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Frequently Asked Questions

Loc Extensions:
  • How do I determine if the loc extensions are the right texture, size, color, and length for my hair? We recommend ordering our sample loc extensions. They are sold as individual or single locs, ranging from 4 to 12 inches long,  in all 5 sizes.
  • How long will it take to process my order of loc extensions? Our current processing time is 3 - 4 weeks from the date of purchase for custom loc extensions, and 1-3 business days for in stock locs. The processing time is separate from the expected delivery date. 
  • Do you offer an installation service? No. We are not accepting new clients until further notice
  • How long should I wait before shampooing my locs and what products should I use? We recommend waiting at least 2-4 weeks after installation before shampooing your hair. Clarifying shampoos are recommended for cleansing your locs and scalp, followed by a moisturizing shampoo. Please wait until your natural hair shows signs of budding before using a lightweight,  water-based, or diluted conditioner. Thick and creamy products are not recommended because they tend to cause build-up over time.  Our Hydrating Rose Water is great for moisturizing locs, decreasing stiffness (which happens when locs are dry), and provides a soft, floral scent that really helps to refreshen up your locs. Our Soothing Hair Growth Oil helps to stimulate hair follicles resulting in increased hair growth.  It also helps to seal in moisture, and decrease dandruff and itching. For best results we recommend shampooing your hair every 2-4 weeks, and applying our Hydrating Rose Water coupled with the Soothing Hair Growth Oil about 1-3 times per week.
  • Will I be able to style my loc extensions? Yes. It is important to note that loc extensions and natural locs can develop soft spots if there is frequent use of rubberbands,  ponytail holders,  braids, twists, bleach, volume developer,  and box color. The best way to protect your investment is by treating your locs with care. 1- Allow for periods of rest in between styles where the locs can be free with low manipulation. 2- Create small bantu knots at the ends of your braided or twisted loc styles, before applying rubberbands,  to decrease the tension on a smaller surface area. 3- Use an elastic headband for ponytails; these are longer, thicker and wider than traditional ponytail holders, which helps to gather all the locs without pulling them too tightly.  Another trick for ponytail styles, is to gather everything except the perimeter of your locs with an elastic headband.  Then gather the perimeter locs around the ponytail and secure them in place. This helps to prevent pulling on your edges. 4- Use of satin pillowcases, satin bonnets,  or silk scarves will help to keep your hair neat, protected,  and lint free. For important information about color please read below. 
  • What should I consider before attempting to bleach or dye my locs? 1B off black is the only color on our website that is considered virgin or unprocessed; it can be bleached then dyed to achieve different colors. If you plan to color your locs without using bleach, we  recommend ordering our lighter shades of blonde and brown (#613, #27, and #30) in solid or ombre locs. We strongly recommend seeing a licensed loctician/cosmetologist for ALL color/chemical services. Bleach, volume developer, and hair dye can weaken the locs over time, especially for sizes micro, extra small, and small. Use with caution! We are not liable for any adverse outcomes resulting from services rendered. *We do not recommend using bleach,  volume developer,  or hair dye on the following colors: #2, #4, #33, and #39.*
  • Can I remove my loc extensions? Yes. Our extensions are created and installed for long-term wear. If you plan to take them down the process is very similar to removing natural locs. You can either trim the extensions over time, or cut them at the attachment site and pick out your natural locs. 

Starter locs:
  • Do you offer the starter locs service? No. We are not accepting new clients until further notice.  
  • What is the difference between sisterlocks and starter locs with braids, twists, and interlocks? Sisterlocks is a trademarked style that results in a full head of very fine locs, that typically resembles loose or straight hair. Starter locs are done with traditional locking techniques, which produces a less uniform appearance, and typically matures with shrinkage, budding, and significantly increased volume. Regardless of the size or quantity of starter locs, they will always be larger than sisterlocks as they mature.
  • Do you add extension hair to starter locs?  No. This service is only for individuals who want to start the loc journey with their own natural hair. If you desire length at the start of your journey, we recommend waiting until your hair is longer. 
  • What are instant locs? Instant locs are created with a small crochet needle similar to the technique used for our loc extensions. It produces a natural looking loc from day one. Pros: they don't unravel, shrinkage is minimal, and this method can be used for all hair textures. Cons: it is not recommended for thin hair, extra small, or micro locs.
  • How often should I shampoo my hair, and which products should I use? You can shampoo your hair as often as needed. We recommend using the banding method for smaller starter locs with braids, twists, or interlocks; this will help to reduce slippage. For product suggestions, please see the loc extensions section above.
  • How long will it take for my locs to mature? Everyone's hair is different so this time period varies. Locking your hair is the first part of the journey. Give your locs time to go through the various stages. Your patience will be rewarded!

Afro kinky human hair:
  • How long will it take to process my order? Our current processing time is 1-3 business days from the date of purchase.
  • How many packs of Afro kinky human hair do I need to make my loc extensions? It depends on the quantity, length, and size of your preferred extensions. We recommend a minimum of 4-8 bulk packs to complete one full install of loc extensions. Please email us at Mukisalocs@gmail.com for more information.

For all services:
  • We are not accepting new clients until further notice. 
  • A virtual consultation is required for all new and potential clients interested in booking loc services.  
  • Where are you located? We are located in Delray Beach Florida, 33446. The full address is provided the day before your service. 
  • Do you accept walk-ins? No. Appointments must be booked in advance. Booking information is provided after your virtual consultation. 

Shipping & Delivery information:

  •  Do you ship internationally? Yes.  Please note that first class mail takes up to 21 business days to be delivered to customs. For faster shipping please select priority mail international (6-10 business days), or international express (3-5 business days). 
  •  How do I check the status of my package? Please review your order confirmation email or text message for details regarding processing times. Once your package is shipped, we will update your order status with tracking information via the email address, or cell phone number you provided at checkout.  
  • I received a notification that my package was delivered but I don't see it. What should I do? In most cases your package was delivered to your mailbox or leasing office. Please check those areas first.  If there was a delivery attempt (meaning no one was home for a required signature), this will be indicated on the USPS website,  and they will make an additional attempt to deliver your package.  In all cases, once you provide your local post office with the tracking number, they should be able to locate your package.