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What is the Difference between Sisterlocks and Micro locs?


Are Sisterlocks the same as Micro locs with Interlocking?

Here are some details I've found in my research:

Sisterlocks need to be installed & retightened by a certified consultant or trainee. Test locs are done prior to the installation and reviewed for different parameters. The specific tool and interwoven technique are trademarked; both are provided only after completing the Sisterlocks training course. The technique used is specific to the client's hair type and differs throughout the entire head of locs. An intricate grid pattern is created with boxes, which line up in all directions.  There are specific measurements for the boxes created. The quantity of locs can be from 200-600+. Only the Sisterlocks products should be used for maintenance. The locs remain straight and uniform from the root to the ends.

Micro locs with interlocking can be installed and retightened by anyone.  Test locs are not typically done during a consultation. You can use your hands, crochet hook, yarn needle, or or any other locking tool to interlock the hair. A standard technique is used throughout the head of locs, regardless of hair type. The grid pattern can be created with any shape, size & style of parting. Loc quantities may vary. Lightweight products are recommended but not required.  As the locs mature they become thicker and dense towards the ends. In my experience,  regardless of the grid, parting size, and loc quantity,  Micro locs started with interlocking look completely different from Sisterlocks.  

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The Sisterlocks shown in this post are from MarshaStyles (https://instagram.com/marshastylesllc?utm_medium=copy_link).
She is a Sisterlocks consultant, Barber, and Cosmetologist located in Coral Springs, FL. Please reach out to her for availability 👌🏾👏🏾.

Thank you 🤗.

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