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I want loc extensions but my hair is thin. What should I consider before starting my loc journey?


Reading reviews such as the one posted here really brings me joy!🤗 My client wanted to purchase and install our loc extensions. During her in person consultation I presented several options to start her loc journey. Given her hair density and texture, and her preferred parting size, we determined that crochet loc extensions may not be the best choice for her. So we planned to do starter locs with two strand twists, including a small amount afro kinky human hair to provide length and stability, especially at the nape area where her texture was the straightest.

On the day of her appointment I prepared her hair for the starter locs. After drying, you could clearly see the two textures, and the back was indeed straight with a small curl at the ends. I started at the nape area installing the 1st twist. Instead of using afro kinky human hair I reinforced the twist by interlocking at the root, and providing a small amount of braiding towards the ends, so that the twist would not unravel. I completed the full install, moisturized her hair, and added a bit of light oil. When I finished we both were ecstatic about the outcome of her freshly installed starter locs😃🥰.

I wanted to share this because although I provide loc extensions for many clients, they are not meant for everyone. Your hair texture and density play a huge role in the method needed to start your locs, and the fullness that can be achieved. If you are the type of person who wants a full head of locs but your hair is fine textured, it is always best to go with a smaller size, but sometimes the weight of an extension can be too heavy for your hair. In those cases I recommend starting your loc journey completely natural, giving your hair the space and opportunity to grow without conforming to an extension. With a pre-determined size loc extension your hair has to be parted in such a way to match that loc. If your hair is thin you will likely have larger parts which will appear spacy. So, consider the alternative which allows for smaller parts, and a fuller style with a natural loc journey.

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  • I am willing to travel! Thin hir on top and want extension, so I do not have to go through the ugly stage…LOL

    • Kimberly
  • I want loc extensions, but I have between 4B and 4C hair

    • Sherhonda Cooper
  • This was awesome, thank you so much for sharing. This was very helpful

    • Wendy
  • Do yo make gray loc extensions in gray

    • Tomeka
  • Thank you so much. I have thin fine hair I really want Locs. Your response for thin hair is informative. Much appreciated!! I live in Atl area wish you were here 😊

    • Paulette Brown