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African Print mask Style 3

African Print mask Style 3

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*Please note: These masks are not a substitute for following the CDC guidelines for Covid-19 Prevention! They are simply a precautionary measure to help mitigate the spread of the infection*

Below is a list of other precautionary measures that you should also take:

•Stay home, especially if you are not well
•If you need medical assistance contact your physician or utilize telehealth services. Always call before entering a facility.
•Wear protective face coverings when in public
•Remain 6 feet apart from other individuals
•Refrain from touching your face
•Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
•Change clothing when you enter your home.
•Try not to wear gloves everywhere. They actually spread just as many microbes. It's better to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
•Stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to leave your home.

Be safe and take care🙏🏾


Kitenge/Ankara (cotton wax print outer layer), felt (as the filter), and cotton (inner layer)

*Processing time 1-5 business days*