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The fullest parting styles for Loc Extensions!

Hello, everyone!

How are you? I truly hope you are well and staying safe during this time.

Today I wanted to share some information with you regarding parting styles for locs. On the left are small to medium loc extensions installed on medium length natural hair with thin areas. On the right is an example of 2 strand twists as starter locs on naturally fine textured, curly natural hair. When choosing a parting style for loc extensions, you should think about how you want your hair to look whether it is styled in an updo, or left hanging down. For the fullest appearance I recommend brick layering with boxes or random parts, shown here. With Brick layering you intentionally section each part to fill in or overlap the sections directly below. The hair will appear fuller with minimal spaces shown, regardless of the loc count. When you get to particularly thin areas of the scalp, you can widen or elongate the parts in that section, to prevent weakening of the locs as the hair grows. The overall objective is to create an appropriate loc to part ratio that looks full, and will prevent the need for combining as you progress into your loc journey. Always keep in mind that healthy roots are key to having healthy locs!

What is your favorite parting style and why?

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