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The best hair care regimen for Micro Locs in 2021!

The best hair care regimen for Micro Locs in 2021!

My client started her own micro twists about 1 year ago. I have been maintaining her hair with interlocking since September 2020. During our 1st appointment we discussed which products she had been using and her maintenance schedule. She informed me that she was using a cream based moisturizer in addition to other products. During her shampoo service I could see a slightly grayish film on her locs especially in the crown area; this was where she typically experienced the most dryness and itching, causing her to apply...

Palm-rolling vs Interlocking: Dispelling myths about loc maintenance in 2021!


My client had her hair locked about 1 year ago with comb coils. She's received maintenance with palm-rolling every 4 weeks. In the interim she wore wigs, braids, and faux locs mainly due to her dissatisfaction with the progression of her loc journey. Since her locs were usually kept in protective styles for a few months at a time, they've matured at a slower pace, with comb coils still visible in about 1/3 of her locs. I explained that locs are very similar to plants; they need ample sunlight,  water, and nourishment. If a plant is...